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Distance Learning Tips & Tricks

Distance learning is taking its toll on parents, students, and teachers! Here are a few tips to making this transition a bit easier on everyone.

  • Practice technology skills before class meetings.  Teach your child how to turn on and off your digital device, use the mouse, keyboard, and functions on Zoom like mute and unmute.
  • Establish a quiet workspace.  Find a space for your child that is distraction free and set up supplies he/she may need such as: pencils, crayons, scissors, workbooks, etc.  Use only this space to do school work to create consistency for your child.
  • Establish a schedule and stick to it!  Many teachers will provide a sample schedule for you; make sure to allow ample breaks (especially after online class meetings) to let your child get the wiggles out.  Yoga, "brain breaks" (Go Noodle), playing outside, or taking a walk are great ways to provide much needed breaks your child will need throughout the day.
  • Communicate with the teacher.  If your child is having difficulty with certain tasks, let the teacher know.  This will be welcomed information to the teacher, but have patience when waiting for a reply! :0)
  • Use a timer and reward chartIf your child is having difficulty staying on task, start with setting a timer for 5 minutes and walking away---let your child work independently on a task (that he/she is capable of doing alone).  Slowly increase the timer.  When the time goes off, use a sticker chart or whiteboard to keep track of activities that have been completed.  Rewards can be an extra break, fun snack, or even a Zoom play date with a friend!
  • Create a home library.  Many libraries are open for pick up!  Let your child request new books each week to read at home.  Have these books available in your child's workspace and let him/her read them throughout the day.  "Free choice" reading can be built into the schedule or even chosen by your child for a brain break.
There are many ways to support your child at home, but don't try to do too much! Many teachers, students, and parents are facing challenges we have never had to face. Give each other grace to get through the day and communicate with the teacher if things are not going smoothly. We're all in this together!