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Preventing the "Summer Slide"

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You may hear your child's teacher talk about the "summer slide," but what is it?

During the summer, children are likely to either forget or lose the skills that were taught to them over the school year. It is important to give your child a break from school to prevent burnout; however, reading and practicing reading skills is imperative in order for him to be prepared for the next school year.

So, what can you do?

1. Practice skills at home

If your child doesn't mind doing "homework" or "summer packets," this can be easily incorporated into your daily routine. Set aside a time (that is consistent) when you are at home for your child to read, practice some workbook pages, or even use the computer/iPad to reinforce skills for the next grade. Take trips to the library and choose "just right" books (not to easy/too hard) for your child and spend time reading together.

2. Join a summer group/camp

If your child doesn't necessarily love to do work with you at home, enroll him in a local camp or group that will boost his skills without you being the one to "nag" him about it! Kids are different--one child may do it at home and one may not; it may be easier for you to let someone else do the work rather than pull your hair out!

3. Utilize 1-1 support

If your child's teacher has strongly recommended that he receives extra support during the summer, please take this seriously! Contact someone who is trained in the area that he needs in order to get the support he needs. Starting off a new school year feeling behind can be overwhelming to both your child and his new teacher.