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5 Sight Word Activities for Homeschool Moms

1. Go Fish!

Write the words on index cards and then play Go Fish. Your child will see it, say it, and then once matched have him/her trace it!

2. Sprinkle writing!

Place sprinkles in a box and have your child "write" the word. This multi sensory activity is great for students with reading difficulties or dyslexia.

3. Bowling!

Place each word on a bowling pin. When your child knocks it over, he/she has to read it!

4. Dixie cups

Write each word on a dixie cup. Create a tower. Each time your child adds a cup, read the word aloud!

5. Shaving cream

This is a little messy, but so fun! Have your child write the word in shaving cream on the table and then wipe it away before writing the next word!