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Vocabulary Fun!

Is it difficult for you to motivate your child or students to learn new vocabulary words? It was for me!

Introducing..Vocabulary Stickies!

What is it about post-its that children and adults love so much? I know that I love them!

My students loved using stickies for their vocabulary work. I secretly loved it, too, because it was easy for me to check. I would have my students stick it to the wall under their corresponding number, I'd do a quick check for accuracy, and then they could take them down and stick it right into their vocabulary journal. You can easily accommodate requirements for students with reading difficulties (such as dyslexia) by utilizing the drawing and allowing students to discuss their answers with a partner.

Parents raved about them, too! Suddenly students were motivated to do their vocabulary homework and could stick them right into their planner when they're finished. No more lost homework! ;)

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