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Sticky Notes!

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for post-its. At work, at home, in the car--I have lists everywhere!

A few years ago, I realized my obsession was something that could motivate and engage my students!


I began using them as a reward; students were able to use post-its to write summaries, define vocabulary words, or use instead of paper-so fun!

After I saw how much they loved them, I began printing my own post-its. Yes, you can print on post-its..but it takes forever! You peel each one off of the pad, place onto a sheet of paper, print, then stick back into a pad-yikes! I was crazy. (If you're crazy, too, see this link for a downloadable template to print your own

I then decided to create my own pads. That way, they're ready to go and during guided reading, at the end of a lesson, or even as a homework assignment, I can quickly peel one off and hand it to the student.

They absolutely LOVE it and I do too. What a timesaver!

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