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Printing on Sticky Notes

3 Mistakes to Avoid

Printing on sticky notes--what a brilliant idea! I love that my lessons can be pre-planned and ready to go for my students, and they love when they get to use them. See below for 3 mistakes I made and hopefully this will help you to not waste your beloved post-its like I did!

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Mistake #1 : Not practicing first

As you can see above, I went straight for printing on the notes rather than doing a practice round to ensure I had the paper facing the correct direction. They printed upside down!

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Mistake #2 : Not lining up the post-its EXACTLY

I was in a hurry. I figured that they would be fine. Well, they weren't. I didn't have the post-its lined up PERFECTLY on the template and as you can see, they were cut off and look like a hot mess!

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Mistake #3: Running through the printer twice

The first go around, I put the paper in upside down and it printed on the side without the post-its. I then put it back in the printer and ran it through again. Well, as you can see, my stickies are no longer sticky! I had to throw them all away (and these were the super sticky post-its) So much money and time wasted. Agh!

See the "SHOP" section to see how I saved money, time, and my sanity! Happy teaching!