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    Stevie Reilly, M.Ed, ET

    Reading/Dyslexia & Educational Therapist

    Stevie is a K-12 Reading Specialist and former elementary school teacher. She graduated with her Master's degree in Reading Education from Vanderbilt's Peabody College and served as a clinician at the Vanderbilt Reading Clinic. She's taught various elementary grades, gifted education courses, and reading intervention classes. Stevie also provided professional development to teachers as an early literacy coach and has extensive training in the Orton Gillingham approach and Reading Recovery.

    Stevie is an Educational Therapist certified by AET. Her goal is to cultivate a love for reading with all of her clients!

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    Sean Reilly, MSSW, LCSW

    Clinical Therapist

    Sean is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Georgia specializing in trauma and EMDR and Brainspotting therapy. He graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Clinical Neuroscience and obtained his Master's degree at the University of Texas in Clinical Social Work. He has been active in the industry since 2011 serving the needs of teens and adults.
    Sean provides counseling services for adolescents struggling with academic pressure, social anxiety, self esteem & coaching strategies for parents.

  • Does your child..

    Have trouble with reading, writing, or spelling?

    Often confuse letters?

    Lack confidence when reading or writing?

    Struggle with staying on grade level?

  • We can help!

    Our prescriptive approach is different from other tutors or tutoring centers. Following an assessment, we will use your child's strengths and interests in order to accomplish a love for reading and writing.


    We specialize in dyslexia, specific language disabilities, auditory processing disorder, written language disorder, and reading disorders.

  • Services

    See below for intensive intervention or other services we offer

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    Reading Therapy

    Prescriptive Intervention for Reading/Language

    • Targeted Reading intervention services (K-12)
    • Dyslexia (Orton Gillingham approach)
    • Specific language disability 
    • Reading disorder
    • Written language disorder
    • Handwriting
    • Spelling
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    Reading, writing, sight words, handwriting

    • One on one sessions planned for your child
    • Handwriting development
    • Phonics skills and sight word practice
    • Reading appropriate leveled books to cultivate a love for reading
    • Homework assistance as needed
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    Reading & Writing Assessments

    • Reading and writing assessments to problem solve areas proving to be difficult with reading and writing
    • Strengths, weaknesses, and approximate grade level equivalents
    • Typed summary with recommendations for next steps
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    Tutoring Consulting

    Support for tutors & teachers

    • Coaching for tutoring business 
    • Support and consultation for specific client cases
    • Resources for organization and lesson planning ideas
    • Assessment recommendations
    • Virtual or in person coaching sessions
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    Literacy Consulting

    Schools, homeschool groups, curriculum support

    • Professional Development (K-12) Literacy
    • Literacy curriculum support
    • Dyslexia consulting
    • Literacy coaching support
    • Parent literacy workshops
    • Virtual or in person parent coaching sessions
    • Literacy knowledge & tools to use  with your child at home
  • Services

    Read below for intensive intervention or other services that we offer


    Contact us to set up your first appointment today! Please include a brief message and the best way to reach you. Inquiries will receive a response within 48 hours Monday-Thursday.

    308 Maxwell Road
    Suite 100
    Alpharetta, GA 30009
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    Inquiries will receive a response within 24-48 hours Monday-Thursday.


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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Unsure of where to begin? Find some answers below!

  • FAQ

    Unsure of where to begin? Find some of your answers below!

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    What makes your approach different?

    Experience + Training

    We specialize on only referring to individuals with a reading specialist degree or an extensive number of years as an experienced reading teacher. We will not connect you with an individual that is not trained in the specialized area of literacy. Most of our specialists are trained in various intervention approaches including Reading Recovery, which is a specialized, research based intervention that supports the lowest achieving first graders experience success with reading and writing. We also utilize Orton Gillingham, a multi sensory approach, designed for children and adults with learning differences, particularly dyslexia.

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    What if my child has not been diagnosed by the school?

    We're here to help!

    Oftentimes, the referral process in schools can be lengthy and daunting. Your child can wait a year or longer before being referred to have extra support. We're here to put your worries at ease. We offer informal reading assessments and will explain the results to you. We will then use them to guide our instruction in order to meet your child where he is.

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    Does my child really need extra help?

    We could all use extra one-one attention!

    Whether or not your child has been identified by his teacher in terms of struggling with reading or writing, one-one attention by a specialist is valuable at any age. We can meet your child where he is and work with him to support the areas (such as early reading skills, fluency, comprehension, and writing skills) he needs.

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    What are the fees involved?

    We offer targeted intervention services

    Our services are different than tutoring services. We provide assessments that will target exactly where remediation needs to begin. We also utilize specialized interventions, including the Orton Gillingham approach, to plan lessons specifically for your child. Hourly fees are comparable to other professional services, such as speech therapy or counseling. Session prices range from $90-$130 depending on length.

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    What if I do not live near your office?

    We offer virtual sessions

    We offer online (virtual), interactive sessions if you do not live in the Alpharetta area. It is quite simple and the only items you need are a laptop, headphones, and internet connection! Our families love this option for vacations, busy school schedules, or even when a child stays home sick from school. Contact us for more details regarding virtual sessions.

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  • Free Resources 

    Is your child struggling to remember letters or sounds? Watch this video for a quick way to keep track of the letters and sounds that need more support! Click the link below for a PDF file of step by step directions. Happy reading! :)

    ABC book directions

    Is your child struggling to remember letters or sounds? Here are 3 easy ways to practice! See the links below if you'd like to purchase what I use in the video.

    Sandpaper Letters, Magnetic Letters, ABC Books

    Let your child lead the lesson to learn letters and sounds! Watch how to here and download the free ABC chart below.

    ABC Chart

    Help your child remember how to form letters quickly and accurately! Watch the video here and download the verbal path sheet below.

    Verbal Path, Handwriting Without Tears, Handwriting Workbook

  • COVID-19 Support

    We're here to help during this difficult time!


    Schedule an appointment

    Email or call to set up an initial assessment appointment for your child via Zoom to determine current reading and writing levels.


    Decide length of sessions

    Currently, we offer 40 or 55 minute sessions. Our appointment times are flexible during this time (morning, afternoon, and evening).


    Download Zoom and login!

    We will work with your child to provide individualized, highly engaging, and interactive reading and writing instruction!

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